Water Solutions
A new breakthrough in Gray Water Treatment

Treatment of Gray Water (or Greywater) is an essential and valuable solution where water is scarce. Within the circular economy framework, Gray water treatment becomes an attractive solution for the sustainable, efficient management of water resources.

GNANO technology, developed by GI Aqua Tech, is a new chemical-mechanical treatment system utilizing coagulation-flocculation. Our researchers have developed a multifunction system that utilizes oxidation to decrease organic load levels and make coagulation and mechanical separation. The results show efficient removal of COD and settled sludge that allows clear water recovery. Afterwards, the clarified water is sent to the filtration system for polishing.

*** Total suspended solids (TSS) are removed at a rate of >80 -85%.
*** Chemical oxygen Demond (COD) >80 -75%.

GI Aqua Tech’s innovative technology provides a cost-effective, high-quality product for the Gray water treatment industry and addresses its needs. Our solution offers excellent opportunities for Gray water reuse applications.