Our vision is to contribute to solving humanity’s chronic problems. Our practice is to develop corporations that achieve sustainability and innovation management breakthroughs.

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Despite the massive development all over the world, billions of people still suffer from chronic diseases and problems caused by pollution in all its forms, and threatens our planet. At GP Holding, we believe that every disease/ crises has a cure/ solution though it is not enough to create the solution to end the problem; instead, this solution needs to be placed in an eco-system that is responsible and fair towards all human beings.

Hence scientific research is the only way to devise non-traditional solutions to the chronic problems of our planet, we are drawing new features for an integrated process that employs scientific research in a way that makes it one of the most profitable and least risky investment fields.

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A CCS team for fighting climate change

A CCS team for fighting climate change

The world has a huge potential opportunity in CCS for fighting climate change, but seizing it will not be easy and will require brilliant minds from around the globe to collaborate. GP TECH is one of the earliest pioneering firms in the #MENA region that invested...

Our Approach

Our Approach

GP TECH provides you with comprehensive technology development services. We work in the research and development sector to provide a unique vision for our business partners. We drive success for our research projects developed by our Think Tank and respond to the...

GP Holding’s operating model combines distinctive features in one single entity. We incorporate scientific novelty, technological creativity, innovation management, market expertise, executive leadership, and professional capital management in a single establishment that develops first-of-their-kind markets. We are the principal founders, funders, and owners of our ventures, ensuring their long-term success by making all the necessary resources available for them.






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