Water Solutions
Transforming wastewater treatment in Saudi Arabia with certified GNANO Technology

GI Aqua Tech technology is now certified by the Saudi government to revolutionize wastewater treatment using nanotechnology.

We are thrilled to announce that GI Aqua Tech’s GNANO technology has been certified by the المركز الوطني لإدارة النفايات ( موان ) | National Center for Waste Management as an advanced technology for government projects in Saudi Arabia. As a result, we have become partners in realizing the country’s vision for sustainability and circular economy, as outlined in the Saudi Vision 2030 .

We aim to be active partners in developing the wastewater treatment sector in Saudi Arabia . Our cutting-edge GI Aqua Tech products can be utilized in various sectors, including domestic, industrial, petroleum, slaughterhouses, and grey water. We will also be involved in restoring and upgrading old wastewater treatment plants. Our decentralized solutions will provide on-site treatment and reuse options.

We are proud to highlight that 40% of GI Aqua Tech wastewater treatment system components are now manufactured in Saudi Arabia. We plan to be part of the Saudi Made – صُنع في السعودية program by producing our treatment systems entirely in the country within three years.

The Kingdom’s commitment to the highest international standards and its incentivizing initiatives, programs, and plans inspire us to make our products accessible in all sectors and regions across the Kingdom and utilize such opportunities to launch our products in the region and around the world, offering one of the world’s most advanced cost-efficient WWT technologies.

We are excited about this new milestone and look forward to revolutionizing the wastewater treatment sector in Saudi Arabia.