For every problem, there is a solution. However, coming up with solutions only partially solves the issue. We are an innovative company creating a responsible and fair sustainable development ECOSYSTEM that can keep delivering necessary solutions to all people in need.

Scientific research is how institutions develop innovative solutions to the chronic problems of our planet. Our integrated innovation management process ensure scientific research can become one of the most profitable and least risky investment fields.

What do we mean by creating markets centered around people and the environment?

The presence of a problem in an influential sector that does not have a solution means a gap in this market. We are targeting those Market gaps. We analyze the root of the problem. We create a new generation of products that attract all stakeholders. It has the ability to address the root cause of the problem, meet urgent demand, and achieve market and ethical leadership for our companies.

The fact that we have emerged from the so-called third-world countries has made us well-informed and aware of the chronic problems they face that threaten human wellbeing and the health of the environment. On the other hand, our footprint in the global markets allowed us to develop human-centric solutions that can address such devastating issues.




Hypothesis Generation

Our think tank is where we bring unconventional ideas to solve the persistent problems that impact human health and the environment. We first monitor the challenges derived from these problems in various sectors and accurately define their true causes by analyzing the intertwined relationships which led to them. Second, we brainstorm collectively and bring about unconventional ideas free from traditional industry restrictions. Finally, we select ideas that can bring forth a new generation of innovative technologies and products that develop valuable new markets and address the needs of disadvantaged communities and respond to the urgent demands in various sectors.


Research &

Innovation Selection – Feasibility Testing

We employ scientific research to test our ideas through the different phases of the research pipeline, from proof of concept to IPs to product portfolio to project investment capitals. Each idea must pass strict criteria which are designed to ensure that they are simple, affordable, sustainable, and can be integrated within a circular economy framework. In addition, we assess the necessary financial and human resources and conduct a periodic market review after each phase to ensure our desired products’ effectiveness and ability to meet market needs.



Spinoff Company

Promising new generations of products become prototype companies. Other ideas are discontinued or archived for a new opportunity. Afterward, tasks are distributed to our experienced professionals to complete the company’s establishment and running procedures, such as registration, legal clearances, company’s identity, business plan, etc. Work teams can collaborate with international firms to avoid additional burdens on the existing capacities. Once all the requirements of the prototype company are finalized, the project is moved to the growth phase.


Running Company

Value Growth

Successful Prototype Companies are launched with a name and capital investment. The new companies appoint an independent management team along with a CEO. Each company will work on developing a proprietary platform that achieves the goals of a new generation of products and extend its outreach to the global market. The leadership team will form strategic partnerships with international partners to accelerate growth, attract ethical investors, and create sustainable and valuable returns for years to come.