Water Solutions
A new milestone in food industry WWT

Water is one of the most excessively used components in agrifood industrial activities. As a result, the food sector is associated with various environmental problems, including high water consumption (processing ingredients, cleaning, sanitation, heating, refrigeration, etc.) and the production of large volumes of wastewater.

GNANO technology, developed by GI Aqua Tech, is a new chemical-mechanical treatment system utilizing coagulation-flocculation. Our rigorous testing established GNANO’s effectiveness in treating wastewater from food processing, where BOD is the main parameter. Our researchers have developed a multifunction system that utilizes oxidation to decrease BOD levels and make coagulation and mechanical separation. The results show efficient removal of BOD and settled sludge that allows clear water recovery. Afterwards, the clarified water is sent to the filtration system for polishing.

*** Total suspended solids (TSS) are removed at a rate of >80 -85%.
*** Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) >80 -75%.

Our nano-tech solution is a simple, fast, reliable, and effective way to treat wastewater from food processing. It complies with environmental legislation making it an optimized treatment solution for wastewater from the food industry. Our technology reduces the industry’s impact on the environment and decreases water consumption massively by treating it and allowing it to be reused.