Water Solutions
A new success milestone for GI Aqua Tech

The petroleum industry is still one of the largest industries and refineries that use large volumes of water. Petrochemical wastewater is a threat to the environment and physical health, and it has toxic effects on all organisms. The hazardous effects and the excessive amount produced by day turn it into a critical problem within the industry where practical solutions are needed.

GNANO technology, developed by GI Aqua Tech, is a new chemical-mechanical treatment system utilizing coagulation-flocculation. Our scientists have tested the technology for wastewater from a petroleum manufacturing facility. The results indicate that the process effectively separates oil contents through a high-efficiency method, resulting in the recovery of clear water and oil.

*** Total suspended solids (TSS) are removed at a rate of >95%
*** Chemical oxygen demand (COD) is reduced to >80% after complete oil separation

Our nano-tech solution is a simple, fast, reliable, and effective way to treat wastewater with high oil content. As a result, it can retrieve clean water with low chemical, energy, and time consumption. In addition, it can reuse the recovered oil as fuel or other products. This is a new success milestone for the petroleum industry and will help companies save massive amounts of resources, consumption, and cost.