The scope of the project is biomass pyrolysis of tree trimming and wood lump to produce 5000 t/m of charcoal for sale in the local market. An annual amount of approximately 160,000 ton wood lump and biomass residuals and waste is suggested to be fed to a pyrolysis system where it will be converted to charcoal and methane gas. An annual amount of approximately 15,000 of biomass waste will be used in a gasification system to produce thermal energy required to the pyrolysis process The expected annually charcoal production is 60,000 ton at 90% availability. Any kind of waste which contains calories can be easily used in the gasification system. As known to you all by now that using earth pile to produce charcoal is not the best method, in fact, it has a very devastating effect on the environment, health and economic. that’s why we introduce to you our own model of what is called “SMART KILN”




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